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Cost-effective wind turbines require reliable components. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rolling bearings and a development partner for the sector we have been producing bearing supports for wind turbines for over 30 years. We offer the right bearing solution for every wind turbine and an integrated concept for safety.

Industrial solutions for wind turbines


The goal is for mobility to become more climate and environmentally friendly – such as through the use of electrically driven vehicles. However, this only makes sense when the electricity these vehicles require is produced cleanly. As the largest source of renewable energy, hydro power plays a major role in achieving this. Around the world, hydro power plants generate much more power than nuclear power plants do, delivering more than 16% of the global need for electrical energy. Hydro power is therefore the third largest source of power generation – after coal and natural gas – and contributes around three quarters of all power produced by renewable energies. In addition to the conventional use of hydro power, new technologies that make use of the oceans’ wave and tidal motions to generate electricity are increasingly coming to the forefront. Schaeffler delivers perfect bearing solutions and supports companies of every size with its expertise, experience, and engineering resources – whether it is for conventional or new hydro power applications. Even when it comes to exciting new startups in the ocean energy sector, we are on board as a development partner right from the start.

Schaeffler solutions for hydro power


The energy provided by the sun every day is equivalent to the world's entire annual energy requirements. Faced with the rising pressure of climate change, an increasing number of countries are now turning to solar power as a means of generating electricity. Solar power plants must be particularly effective in order to achieve the maximum degree of efficiency and to ensure that this technology is marketable without government subsidies in the future. As a development partner and supplier, Schaeffler is currently involved in several projects, for example for parabolic trough, solar tower, Fresnel, and Dish Stirling power plants. Schaeffler offers a varied range of rolling and plain bearings suitable for the tracking systems of solar power plants. Our solar power plant engineering team has extensive application engineering expertise and optimizes bearing positions and adjacent constructions in conjunction with customers.

Schaeffler solutions for solar power plants

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